Campbell’s Greenhouses

One of the highlights of our weekend was to shop for orchids Campbell’s Greenhouses in Dilworth near uptown Charlotte. Their orchids make me look I know what I’m doing. Actually the have a program where you return your orchid after the blooms have fallen and then a year later it is booming again. You pay once and then pay a small fee for them to care for your orchid.

This photo was taken at 209 McDonald Ave. Following is a link to Campbell’s Greenhouses Facebook page.


tree in evening sun
On the weekends, we enjoy walking on the Little Sugar Creek Greenway and we especially enjoy the trees. This tree is found at the entrance to Freedom Park. As you can see it was back lit by the evening sun.

Following are links to post of trees we have shared in the past.

This photo was taken at 1900 East Blvd. Following is a link to the Freedom Park website.


train in Freedom Park
Continuing a transportation theme, we are sharing this photo of the train at Freedom Park near Uptown Charlotte. We enjoy watching children play on this train when we visit the park. Our grandson plays on it regularly. A plaque says the train was built in 1920 and when retied was one of the last steam locomotives in regular service.

This photo was taken at 1900 East Blvd. Following is a link to the Freedom Park website.

coffee and a newspaper

enjoying coffee and a newspaper
Another scene I’m envious of … enjoying coffee and a newspaper on a lazy Sunday … recently I have been too busy to linger on a lazy Sunday.

This photo was taken at 1401 East Boulevard … this is one of our stops on our regular Sunday walk. Even with a busy work schedule we make time for our Sunday walk.

theme day is upside down

Theme day, upside down chairs
Theme day is upside down this month .. literally and figuratively. Our literal contribution is this photo of chairs turned upside down so the floor can be moped. Check out yesterday’s post to see my figurative interpretation. Actually, I found this theme difficult because there are not many things upside down in my life (smile).

Follow this link to enjoy interpretations of the theme from around the world … July 2015 Gallery – Upside Down.

This photo was taken at one of the restaurants on East Boulevard in historic Dilworth near uptown Charlotte.

cactus plant on East Boulevard

the cactus plant on East Boulevard is enjoying out hot weather in Charlotte
The temperature hit 100 F today and similar highs are forecast for the next two weeks. So today we are sharing this photo of a cactus plant on East Boulevard which maybe the only thing enjoying these unseasonably high temperatures. Actually I took this photo several months ago during much cooler weather and I took the photo because it shows two contrasting images which are both out-of-place in Charlotte. Cactus are not indigenous and rarely found in Charlotte. Also, if you look closely there is a ski shop in the background. Cactus and skiing … hot and cold (smile).

The photo was taken at 1511 East Boulevard in history Dilworth near Uptown Charlotte. The business in the background is the Alpine Ski Center.