While on a walk through Uptown I took this photo with my iPhone. Set my camera on a 10 second delay, placed my phone on the ground under the painting, and this is the result.

The art work is a fresco by Ben Long and can be found at the Trans-America Dome. An outdoor fresco in a lighted dome.

A plaque says that “The title alludes to the continuous nature of life, the cycle of destruction and rebirth.”

Following is an article from Ben Long’s website.

Love is

On this shameful day in our nation’s history I am reposting a photo taken in Uptown Charlotte.

When this photo was taken there was a loud and offensive protest underway just down the block. Rather than focusing my camera on the protest I chose to focus on this very positive sign that went on and on.

Quoting president elect Biden. “The work of the moment and the work of the next four years must be the restoration of democracy, of decency, honor, respect, the rule of law. Just plain simple decency.”

theme day, kindness

It is the first of the month and the City Daily Photo community theme is “kindness”. Today’s photo was taken in Charlotte at the Flower Child restaurant where my wife and I have enjoyed several meals. The peace sign reminds me of the 60’s with the goals of Peace, love, and kindness. We were so idealistic then and I would like to extend some of those ideas and kindness to 2020.

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theme day, your covid response

It is the first of the month and the City Daily Photo community theme is “your covid response”. As part of my response to Covid I stayed in touch with my grandchild through Face Time and YouTube. Each Saturday we spend an hour or so learning to program a robot. He is 12 years old and I am very proud of his accomplishments. It was lots of fun and a good way to stay in contact.

Following is a link to a humorous YouTube video where I demonstrated the object of our ping pong program.

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flowers on the Green

During these difficult times it is good to notice what is beautiful. This photo was taken at The Green, which is actually an underground parking garage. At street level The Green is a small park, complete with signpost honoring authors, two story sculptures of stacked books, fish sculptures spotting water for the kids to play in, and lots of flowers.

Following is a link to images from The Green. The address is 400 South Tryon. Also, following is a link to this photo on Flickr.

construction continues

As part of the Mecklenburg county “stay at home” order, only essential business activity are allowed. It appears construction is not only allowed it is expanding at a rapid pace. The City of Charlotte has start several street repair projects which as started after the “stay at home” order. Thank you to all the construction workers.

The top left photo shows activity at the Duke Energy tower at 525 S. Tryon St. The remaining photos show conduit being laid along College Street.

open with love

Many Charlotte restaurants are open for pickup and delivery. As the sign says, We’re open with love.

This photo was taken on an evening walk in Uptown. During the walk, we maintained six feet of physical distance with other walkers. However, physical distance is becoming harder and we regularly have to look for alternate routes.

Following is a link to the Cowbell Whiskey and Burger Bar. The address is 201 N Tryon St Ste 1010.

BOA Tower

Today’s photo shows the Bank of America Tower which was recently constructed. Of specific interest is the video wall in the lobby. Their website says that one of the amenities is a thirty-four by sixty-six foot video wall that can be viewed from the lawn in the entry plaza.

Following is a link the Bank of America Tower website. The address is 620 S. Tryon.