bicycles and more bicycles

Charlotte has been invaded. There are bicycles everywhere (smile).

There are several companies providing the bicycles. A few of the companies are: lime bike, spin, and ofo.

Apparently the concept is “dockless bike shares” and you leave them wherever you complete your ride.

We have not ridden them however it is impossible to stroll in Uptown and not notice them. There are several per block. And when we venture outside of Uptown we see them in the South End, in Mid-town, Dilworth, and I’m assume many other locations.

bicycles found in your city

Theme Day is bicycles found in your city.  Our city is Charlotte
It is theme day … bicycles found in your city … and our contribution presents the idea that sometimes the best thing about a bicycles is where it takes you. In this case the Dandelion Market in Uptown Charlotte. Connie and I often enjoy wine and appetizers at the Dandelion bar on quite Sunday afternoons … Follow this link for interpretations, of the bicycle theme, from around the world.

This photo was taken at 118 West 5th Street in Uptown Charlotte. Following is a link the Dandelion Market website.


Hexpong is available at the Bland Station on the light rail near Uptown Charlotte.
This hexpong table can be found at the Bland Station on the light rail. This, along with other colorful touches removes the bland from the Bland Station (smile). A plaque explains that it is called #HEXPONG and 2-6 can play. Balls and Paddles are provided.

This photo was taken at the Bland Station in the Southend near Uptown Charlotte.


Tesla is my dream car.
Maybe in 2017, when the Telsa model III is releases, we will buy one of these. I understand they are targeting a more affordable price point. My daughter says I will not be happy with an “affordable” Tesla given the luxury will be missing. But mainly I’m interested in the plugin technology. So I’m holding off to buy our next car until 2017.

As for the photo. I like the reflection and the Tesla logo. This photo was taken in Uptown Charlotte near 550 South Tryon Street. The reflection shows the Duke Energy Center which we have shared photos of before.

b-cycle green guy

B-cycle green guy shuttles bicycles between stations in Uptown Charlotte
A b-cycle green guy shuttling bicycles between stations in Uptown Charlotte. There website says “Charlotte b-cycle is one of the largest urban bike sharing systems in the Southeast. With 200 blue bikes and 24 stations strategically placed throughout Uptown and surrounding neighborhoods”. The way it works is that with a membership you can select a bike, ride for 30 minutes, check it in, and repeat. The stations are no more than 30 minutes apart so you can ride throughout Uptown Charlotte.

This photo was taken at The Green near where we live.