message from Starbucks

a message fromStarbucks, be good to each other,
I find this message from Starbucks very timely. Be good to each other is always a good idea and at present something we need to work harder at. This message was found on the entrance door to a Starbucks in Uptown Charlotte. Bravo!

Please do the right thing; speak out against bigotry, be kind, be inclusive, in short be good to each other.

This photo was taken at 135 Levine Avenue of the Arts #140. Following is the website for Starbucks at the Duke Energy Center.

coffee and a newspaper

enjoying coffee and a newspaper
Another scene I’m envious of … enjoying coffee and a newspaper on a lazy Sunday … recently I have been too busy to linger on a lazy Sunday.

This photo was taken at 1401 East Boulevard … this is one of our stops on our regular Sunday walk. Even with a busy work schedule we make time for our Sunday walk.

open in case of emergency

Starbucks open in case of emergency. A sign seen in Uptown Charlotte.
This sign is on the inside of the front door at our favorite Starbucks. The reason is says “open in case of emergency only” is because they are building a construction crane just outside of this door and the sidewalk is closed. But don’t worry, those in the know … know there is a back entrance. It is a little hard to find and we like to think of it as a prestige thing where only a select few know how to get in.

This photo was taken at the Starbucks store at 135 Levine Avenue of the Arts.

Dean and Deluca

On Saturday morning we enjoy breakfast at Dean and Deluca
Most Saturday mornings you can find us at Dean and Deluca. We enjoy their bagel sandwiches and the soft music they play. They also make a very good breakfast burrito … Look closely at the photo and you will see Connie’s cameo (smile).

This photo was taken at 201 S Tryon Street. Following is link to the Dean and Deluca’s website.