construction continues

As part of the Mecklenburg county “stay at home” order, only essential business activity are allowed. It appears construction is not only allowed it is expanding at a rapid pace. The City of Charlotte has start several street repair projects which as started after the “stay at home” order. Thank you to all the construction workers.

The top left photo shows activity at the Duke Energy tower at 525 S. Tryon St. The remaining photos show conduit being laid along College Street.

BOA Tower

Today’s photo shows the Bank of America Tower which was recently constructed. Of specific interest is the video wall in the lobby. Their website says that one of the amenities is a thirty-four by sixty-six foot video wall that can be viewed from the lawn in the entry plaza.

Following is a link the Bank of America Tower website. The address is 620 S. Tryon.

Alley Charlotte Center

Construction continues at a rapid pace and the Alley building is one of several active sites. When this photo was taken we counted ten construction cranes.

The taller building to the left is the Duke Energy Center. The building, in the reflection, is the Bank of America Tower.

Following is a link to the Alley Charlotte Center website. The construction site is at the intersection of Tryon and Stonewall.

Construction crane

A construction crane at the Mint Residential site in Uptown Charlotte
This construction crane is one of many active in Uptown Charlotte. This specific crane is working on an 31 story apartment tower being built on top of the Mint Museum. Combined the height will be 43 stories.

The perspective of the photo makes it appear that taking this photo was precarious. However, they have built a concrete and metal deck for pedestrians to walk under … actually we walk the long way around because we don’t fully trust the deck.

This photo was taken at 500 South Tryon Street in Uptown Charlotte. Following is a link to an article about Childress Klein to build apartment tower atop Mint Museum.

edifice construction

Edifice construction in the Southend near Uptown Charlotte.
I took this photo because the blue will add color to our photo blog and because of the sign which you can see says edifice … with a little research it is easy to surmise that this is an edifice construction site. Now I understand the Edifice Inc. is the name of the company constructing this building … but some additional research finds that the definition of edifice is: “a building, especially a large, imposing one”.

This photo was taken near the intersection of the Charlotte Rail Trail and West Bland Street. Following is a link to the Edifice Inc. website.