The BB&T BallPark in Uptown Charlotte
The BB&T Ballpark in a nice addition to Uptown Charlotte … We are not big baseball fans however it will be enjoyable to be part of the crowd and we wish them success.

This photo was taken of the BB&T ballpark where the Charlotte Knights play. The map location is: 324 South Mint Street. When you open the map notice how close the baseball park is the football stadium. A basketball arena is also just a few blocks away.

colorful hall

Colorful hall connecting office buildings in Uptown Charlotte
Daily we enjoy this colorful hall connecting two office buildings in Uptown Charlotte. For those who work in uptown know that I tool this photo on the weekend. It is unlikely that we would every find the hallway empty during a business day. Connie and I walk through this hallway as we connect to the Overstreet Mall which leads to several restaurants and to the YMCA and to my work.

The hallway connects Two Wells Fargo Center and Three Wells Fargo Center.

continuum fresco

continuum fresco by Ben Long found at 401 North Tryon in Uptown Charlotte
Connie and I were walking home from an evening stroll and notice a person taking photos … naturally I went to see what he was taking photos of and found this continuum fresco by Ben Long … it is at 401 North Tryon Street and open for the public to enjoy.

Note that the fresco is in a dome and an interesting point I found is that if you set your smartphone on a timer you can place it in the center of the pattern on the sidewalk and take fairly cool selfie with Ben (smile).