continuum fresco

continuum fresco by Ben Long found at 401 North Tryon in Uptown Charlotte
Connie and I were walking home from an evening stroll and notice a person taking photos … naturally I went to see what he was taking photos of and found this continuum fresco by Ben Long … it is at 401 North Tryon Street and open for the public to enjoy.

Note that the fresco is in a dome and an interesting point I found is that if you set your smartphone on a timer you can place it in the center of the pattern on the sidewalk and take fairly cool selfie with Ben (smile).

tree on greenway

tree on greenway near Uptown Charlotte
I very much enjoy this scene, a tree on greenway (smile) … we enjoy the walk from Uptown along the greenway to Freedom park. The official name of the greenway is Little Sugar Creek Greenway.

The photo was taken near Freedom Park in historic Dilworth


A lightrail station in the South End near Uptown Charlotte.
While on a walk, this last weekend, I took this photo at a lightrail station in the South End near Uptown Charlotte. Notice the pink building … it is one of Charlotte’s landmarks and is very interesting during the early morning sun. Those who own condo’s there have an outstanding view of Uptown Charlotte.

This photo was taken at the Bland Station. The pink building is called the Alington however their website is (smile).

theme day, what would you miss

Theme day, what would you miss if you had to leave Charlotte
Today is Theme day, what would you miss had to leave forever. We choose to share a photo of the Charlotte signpost which stand in The Green, a park in Uptown Charlotte. Note that at the bottom the it says Charlotte North Carolina, Center of the Known World (smile). Actually this does a good job of depicting what I would miss … being at the center of it all. We live in Condo’s which overlook the park in which this signpost stands. Arts, sports, great dinning, green spaces, and commerce radiate out from this central point.

For more interpretation of the theme please visit the City Daily Photo what would you miss theme page.

This photo was taken at 435 South Tryon Street in Uptown Charlotte.

Ratcliffe Condos

The Ratcliffe Condos in Uptown Charlotte
We are very pleased with our choice to purchase in the Ratcliffe Condos in Uptown Charlotte. We are especially pleased with the strength of the condo association and the quality of the construction. The location is also a big plus. The condos overlook a very enjoyable park called The Green, the Mint Museum and Bechtler Museum of Modern Art are across the street, and the condos are connected to the Overstreet Mall which connects buildings throughout Uptown. Also, we are very pleased that the Childress Klein WMCA is in the Overstreet Mall.

This photo was taken at 435 South Tryon.

Dean and Deluca

On Saturday morning we enjoy breakfast at Dean and Deluca
Most Saturday mornings you can find us at Dean and Deluca. We enjoy their bagel sandwiches and the soft music they play. They also make a very good breakfast burrito … Look closely at the photo and you will see Connie’s cameo (smile).

This photo was taken at 201 S Tryon Street. Following is link to the Dean and Deluca’s website.