Charlotte Plaza

Today’s photo shows the Charlotte Plaza office tower. Although, the tower is only the 15th tallest in Charlotte, it stands out with it’s distinctive black glass exterior.

We enjoy the building primarily because the offices, of our doctor, are in the building, Bentley’s restaurant is on the top floor, and a Starbucks is in the lobby.

Following is a link to a Wikipedia article about the Charlotte Plaza. It is located at 201 S. College street.

Alley Charlotte Center

Construction continues at a rapid pace and the Alley building is one of several active sites. When this photo was taken we counted ten construction cranes.

The taller building to the left is the Duke Energy Center. The building, in the reflection, is the Bank of America Tower.

Following is a link to the Alley Charlotte Center website. The construction site is at the intersection of Tryon and Stonewall.


We took a last minute decision to eat Sunday brunch at 300 East which is a very popular restaurant. So popular that reservation are needed. Fortunately, eating at the bar is first come first serve.

My breakfast was a northern Italian dish; with sausage, crispy kale, and an egg fried in olive oil.

Following is a link to 300 East Restaurant which is as the name implies, at 300 East Boulevard.

Rainbow hallway

Today we share a colorful hallway which connects two office towers in Uptown Charlotte.

During the work week, this hallway is frequently used by business people. One of which is me ;)

The hallway is also part of my daily walk to work. And, part of my walk to the YMCA which is where I was headed today.

Following is a link to the Uptown YMCA. The address is 301 South College Street.


Last night we enjoyed music at The Jazz Room. Matt Lemmler played piano and sang his compositions in honor of Steve Wonder. Matt led an 11 piece band and there were three guest vocalists.

When the crowd roared for an encore, they graciously played another. Also, Matt explained that in New Orleans the crowd would ask for a lagniappe.

Following is a link to The Jazz Room website. The address is 155 N. College street.