Asbury Restaurant

This photo shows the outdoor seating at the Asbury restaurant. On Sunday we enjoyed brunch at the Asbury and the meal was great as always. In my opinion the Asbury is the best restaurant in Charlotte. And based on their awards others agree as well.

Personally, I think you can identify great restaurants when they share the chefs name. At the Asbury, Mike Long is the executive chef and Miranda Brown is the pastry chef.

Following is a link to The Asbury website. They are located at 235 N. Tryon.

Charlotte Plaza

Today’s photo shows the Charlotte Plaza office tower. Although, the tower is only the 15th tallest in Charlotte, it stands out with it’s distinctive black glass exterior.

We enjoy the building primarily because the offices, of our doctor, are in the building, Bentley’s restaurant is on the top floor, and a Starbucks is in the lobby.

Following is a link to a Wikipedia article about the Charlotte Plaza. It is located at 201 S. College street.