Hot Taco

We went out on Cinco De Mayo and quickly realized the crowds were too thick. So we came back today for brunch and we the only patrons ;)

Actually, although they serve brunch, the Hot Taco is more of a bar scene for those that enjoy a crowd.

This photo was taken at 200 East Bland in the South End. Following is a link to the Hot Taco website.


At Discovery Place science is fun. As the signs say you can play, build, and touch science.

We have taken our grandson several times and look forward to our next visit. The most memorable visit was when they demonstrated fire and explosions ;). We also enjoyed a tour of our solar system, the construction of a robot, stuffing newspaper in an air cannon, building six foot tall towers, and numerous other activities.

This photo was taken at 301 North Tryon Street in Uptown Charlotte. Following is a link to the Discovery Place website.

Dandelion Market

Our preference is to enjoy the Dandelion Market on Sunday afternoons when the bar is quite. However for those in search of a crowd the time to go is Friday or Saturday night. They also have a big crowd at brunch. Maybe because if the Bloody Mary bar ;)

This photo was taken at 118 West 5th Street in Uptown Charlotte. Following is a link to the Dandelion Market website. Be sure and check out the menu. They offer “everything at the Market” for $295

1st Ward Park

1st Ward Park, the newest park in Uptown Charlotte; offers grass, fountain, art, play ground equipment, and a room to walk your dog.

We especially enjoy the Children’s library next to the park.