Construction crane

A construction crane at the Mint Residential site in Uptown Charlotte
This construction crane is one of many active in Uptown Charlotte. This specific crane is working on an 31 story apartment tower being built on top of the Mint Museum. Combined the height will be 43 stories.

The perspective of the photo makes it appear that taking this photo was precarious. However, they have built a concrete and metal deck for pedestrians to walk under … actually we walk the long way around because we don’t fully trust the deck.

This photo was taken at 500 South Tryon Street in Uptown Charlotte. Following is a link to an article about Childress Klein to build apartment tower atop Mint Museum.

open in case of emergency

Starbucks open in case of emergency. A sign seen in Uptown Charlotte.
This sign is on the inside of the front door at our favorite Starbucks. The reason is says “open in case of emergency only” is because they are building a construction crane just outside of this door and the sidewalk is closed. But don’t worry, those in the know … know there is a back entrance. It is a little hard to find and we like to think of it as a prestige thing where only a select few know how to get in.

This photo was taken at the Starbucks store at 135 Levine Avenue of the Arts.

Apartments near Romare Bearden Park

Apartments near Romare Bearden Park in Uptown Charlotte
Charlotte is in the middle of a apartment construction boom and these apartments near Romare Bearden Park are a good example of this construction activity. The building in center of the photo is an apartment called the Catalyst which has been around for a while. The building on the right is called the Element Uptown and was recently opened. Also, there are two additional apartments under construction on the other side of the park and one starting construction one block away.

Following is an interesting link showing walking scores for apartments in Charlotte. Also, here are links for the two apartments shown: the Catalyst and the Element Uptown.

theme day – stylish

theme day - stylish is in the eye of the beholder.  art found at the Mint Museum in Uptown Charlotte
Style is in the eye of the beholder. To me this is a great alternative to wearing a tie (smile). Today is theme day – stylish … in the City Daily Photo community. This theme presented some real challenges for me. Last weekend we were at a great lounge and many young ladies were dressed quite stylishly … not ready to be told no I let the opportunity pass … then I found that the Mint Museum in Uptown Charlotte had a special Holston and Warhol exhibit from March 7th through June 14th … a perfect opportunity because there was some serious stylish going on … however no photos were allowed … so we also went to see the second special exhibit called body embellishment … not really my cup of tea until I found that some of the pieces of art had Safe for Social signs … once confirming the signs meaning with the guard I snapped this photo with my iPhone and will now dutifully include a #TheMintMuseum hash tag. Also, I should share that the art was created by Swiss artist David Bielander

Visit the City Daily Photo theme day and enjoy interpretations of stylish from around the world.

PS: Checkout the Daily Photo Collage. It is a fast fun way to see the photos from the City Daily Photo community. Hover over each thumbnail you will see who posted, from where, the title, and when the post was made. Click on the photo and you are taken to the site … enjoy!


The BB&T BallPark in Uptown Charlotte
The BB&T Ballpark in a nice addition to Uptown Charlotte … We are not big baseball fans however it will be enjoyable to be part of the crowd and we wish them success.

This photo was taken of the BB&T ballpark where the Charlotte Knights play. The map location is: 324 South Mint Street. When you open the map notice how close the baseball park is the football stadium. A basketball arena is also just a few blocks away.