mystery convention

Backpacks headed to a mystery convention in Uptown Charlotte
We went for a walk Sunday morning and noticed backpacks everywhere. There were so many that we asked what was up and these guys they said they were attending a mystery convention … then they smiled and said there were geeks (smile). I assume their backpacks were full of cards or comic books which they traded. I have googled the subject but have not found the name of the event or a website. But we can attest it was well attended given we saw several hundred people with backpacks headed to the Convention Center.

couple enjoying the view

A couple enjoying the view of Uptown Charlotte
Recently I took this photo of a couple enjoying the view of Uptown Charlotte. I thought they made a good follow-up to the bridal photo shoot shared yesterday. Better yet I’ll will an eye out for a family with children or a mature couple holding hands as they stroll. There are all sorts of follow-up photos for a bridal photo shoot (smile).

This photo was taken at the Fahrenheit rooftop lounge at 222 South Caldwell Street in Uptown Charlotte.

colorful hall

Colorful hall connecting office buildings in Uptown Charlotte
Daily we enjoy this colorful hall connecting two office buildings in Uptown Charlotte. For those who work in uptown know that I tool this photo on the weekend. It is unlikely that we would every find the hallway empty during a business day. Connie and I walk through this hallway as we connect to the Overstreet Mall which leads to several restaurants and to the YMCA and to my work.

The hallway connects Two Wells Fargo Center and Three Wells Fargo Center.