This statue is one of four at the intersection of Trade and Tryon in uptown Charlotte. The scene depicts a miner poring gold on the head of a banker!

The art work is called Commerce.

Personally I like that each statue is two separate pieces of art detecting an aspect of Charlotte’s history.

Harvey B. Gantt Center

the Harvey B. Ghatt Center in Uptown Charlotte
This photo shows a wider angle from yesterday’s photo. The building in the foreground is the Harvey B. Gantt Center, for African American Arts and Culture. It is a beautiful building with interesting architecture and outstanding exhibits … the parking lot, in the photo, will soon be a new office tower.

This photo was taken at 551 S Tryon St. Following is a link to the website for Harvey B. Gantt Center.

Lemony Snicket

Lemony Snicket is being performed in Charlotte this weekend
I took today’s photo because of the lighting, which I thought was especially appealing. However, by chance the photo also include a sign advertising a performance, by the Charlotte Symphony called, Lemony Snicket’s. We are pleased to be taking our grandson to the performance this weekend. The event website shares the following description:

Join us for mystery, magic and music in this special program that features an orchestral “whodunit” with Lemony Snicket’s “The Composer Is Dead” in which the entire orchestra is under investigation!

The performance will be at the Knight Theater at 430 S Tryon St. Following is a link to the Lemony Snicket’s event page.

Jazz at the Bechtler Museum

Jazz at the Bechtler
Friday night we enjoyed jazz at the Bechtler Museum of Modern Art. As normal we enjoyed the music. However, I was especially interested in a couple of comments from the stage which I would like to share. Specifically it was mentioned that “2017 is the 175th anniversary of invention of the saxophone.” Also, another comment was made. Something along the lines of: “John Taylor was president in 1842 when the saxophone was invented. But really, in the course of history, what does it matter who the president was”.

This photo was taken at 420 S Tryon St. Following is a link to the Bechtler Museum of Modern Art.


Hexpong is available at the Bland Station on the light rail near Uptown Charlotte.
This hexpong table can be found at the Bland Station on the light rail. This, along with other colorful touches removes the bland from the Bland Station (smile). A plaque explains that it is called #HEXPONG and 2-6 can play. Balls and Paddles are provided.

This photo was taken at the Bland Station in the Southend near Uptown Charlotte.