Ratcliffe Condos

The Ratcliffe Condos in Uptown Charlotte
We are very pleased with our choice to purchase in the Ratcliffe Condos in Uptown Charlotte. We are especially pleased with the strength of the condo association and the quality of the construction. The location is also a big plus. The condos overlook a very enjoyable park called The Green, the Mint Museum and Bechtler Museum of Modern Art are across the street, and the condos are connected to the Overstreet Mall which connects buildings throughout Uptown. Also, we are very pleased that the Childress Klein WMCA is in the Overstreet Mall.

This photo was taken at 435 South Tryon.

Dean and Deluca

On Saturday morning we enjoy breakfast at Dean and Deluca
Most Saturday mornings you can find us at Dean and Deluca. We enjoy their bagel sandwiches and the soft music they play. They also make a very good breakfast burrito … Look closely at the photo and you will see Connie’s cameo (smile).

This photo was taken at 201 S Tryon Street. Following is link to the Dean and Deluca’s website.

Bernardins Fine Dinning

Bernardins Fine Dinning in Uptown Charlotte
When we want a great meal or a conversation with good friends we choose Bernardins Fine Dinning which is on the ground level of the Ratcliffe condos. Interestingly the restaurant is in the historic Ratcliffe Flowers building. When the condos were built they moved the flower shop across the street, build the 10 story condo complex while leaving a spot for the flower shop, then after construction was complete they moved the flower shop back into place. Very cool way to preserve and incorporate the original architecture. Over time the building housed a restaurant called Ratcliffe on the Green and then later Bernardins (pronounced Bernard-ins).

The photo was taken at 435 South Tyron. Also, here is a link to the Bernardins website.

MLK parade

The MLK parade in Uptown Charlotte with the modern art museum in the background.
My grandson and I enjoyed the MLK parade this weekend. There were marching bands, floats, motorcycles, and lots of politicians … what I enjoyed the most was with honor guard … I also enjoy the modern art museum in the background and the Levine Avenue of the Arts sign … my grandson enjoyed the marching bands.

This photo was taken at the intersection of South Tryon and Levine Avenue of the Arts. Here is a link to the MLK Parade facebook page.